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Pope delivers his Urbi et Orbi message

pope francis easter message 0From Vatican Radio

Pope Francis on Easter Sunday gave his tradition Urbi et Orbi (to the city and the world) message from the central loggia of St Peter's Basilica. In it he prayed that Risen Lord would walk beside those who are marginalized who are victimized by old and new forms of slavery. The Holy Father also prayed the Lord would bring peace to the Middle East, come to the aid of Ukraine, shed his blessing upon the continent of Europe and build bridges of dialogue in Latin America.

Understanding 'White Privilege’

pexels photo 768x506Some issues are difficult to address; 'white privilege' is one of them. Some of the immediate responses you get when you use this phrase are: "I worked hard for all I have!" or "I never agreed with apartheid and never voted for the National Party" or "I am not a racist and believe in equality." These may all be true. However, this does not mean that you have not benefited from white privilege.

Vatican City: Pope Francis speaks out for World Day of Migrants and Refugees

Yesterday, Pope Francis spoke out for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees to be celebrated on 17 January. In his speech, "Migrants and Refugees Challenge Us. The Response of the Gospel of Mercy," the Pope says that refugees and migrants are "people whose dignity is to be protected and who are capable of contributing to progress and the general welfare."

“Breaking the silence ”

Building a culture of Safeguarding in our Provinces and Regions

Safeg IMG 9724 23

Saint Ignatius calls consolation every increase of hope, faith and charity. These words came to mind when heading from the quiet woods of Dobogokö towards Budapest airport what had happened at the Conference of Safeguarding that took place from the 26th to the 29th of March. Other ideas came into mind during that long journey. First of all, the topic of Child Protection and Safeguarding are not easy ones.

A choking beast of prey – Mega Mines in Zambia

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Fr. Charles Chilufya SJ

"A crouching vicious beast of prey whose snorts grow ever louder as if choking on its painful digestion of human flesh". Thus goes Émile Zola's description of a vast coal mine in his novel Germinal about a mid-nineteenth century coal mining community in northern France. Under Zola's analysis, if the vicious beast is choking, so are the people living in its midst. 

Aids in Africa: An overview by AJAN

reconciliation clipart SJ7On 5 June 2011, the world marked an unhappy anniversary: 30 years since the first diagnosed case of what would later become known as AIDS. Three decades in the history of humanity – so brief a span of time yet so significant, a time of infection spreading like wildfire, of those afflicted treated like lepers, abandoned to suffer agonizing deaths. The advent of antiretroviral treatment (ART), not to cure but to contain HIV/AIDS, has made an enormous difference, keeping millions of people alive and well.

JRS: Ethiopia: Photos from Mai Aini refugee camp

02ETH04 2015 0224 CFUCHS 043Mai Aini refugee camp in northern Ethiopia is home to more than 18,000 refugees from neighboring Eritrea. (Images from Christian Fuchs / Jesuit Refuge) Addis Ababa, 2 March 2015 — More than 18,000 refugees from Eritrea live in the Mai Aini refugee camp in northern Ethiopia. Jesuit Refugee Service provides counselling services and recreational activities to help the residents deal with the trauma of both their flight to safety and camp life.